The mcGateway™ is a WIFI bridge between the internet and the mcModules so they can communicate with the cloud. Providing up to 200m* (650ft) range using our LPLAN, the mc‐Gateway  connects 1000+ mcModules™ while giving you ability to access  them via the internet and make script changes remotely.

The mcGateways provide integration with IFTTT and MQTT and are WIFI and Ethernet ready! 

An mcGateway is a required component for the using the mcThings™ IoT Platform


The mcGateway™ is a bridge between the internet and the mcModules™ so they can communicate with the cloud. Providing up to 200m* (650 ft) range using mcAIR (LPLAN), the mcGateway conneccts 1000+ mcModules while giving you the ability to access them via the internet and script changes remotely!

The mcGateways provides integration with IFTTT and MQTT and are WIFI and Ethernet ready!

An mcGateway is a required component for using the mcThings™ IoT Platform

*In optimal line-of-sight conditions

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