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Wireless IoT Door Open/Closed Sensor

Using the built-in reed switch on the mcMod120, we'll show you how to setup a super easy way to be alerted and track opening doors!

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Things used in this project

Hardware components

mcModule120 Dev Kit
mcThings mcModule120 Dev Kit
We recommend a kit for this example so that you have multiple modules to gather information from (Not required but you will need at least one mcModule, one mcGateway and an mcDongle and also an mcModule Enclosure or a good magnet)
mcMod120 Module
mcThings mcMod120 Module
You'll need at least one mcModule120 for this project
mcThings mcGateway110
You'll need an mcGateway for this project
mcThings mcDongle
You'll need one of these to complete your firmware updates! Be sure to update your firmware to the latest versions before starting
mcModule Enclosure
mcThings mcModule Enclosure
Plastic enclosure w/magnet clip!
Android device
Android device
For using the android MQTT application only - not needed for IFTTT or Losant

Software apps and online services

mcThings mcStudio
IDE for module programming
IOT MQTT Dashboard (Android App)
There are many other MQTT apps and other ways to view your data as well!
Maker service
IFTTT Maker service
Losant Platform
Losant Platform


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mcMod120 Hardware details




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